Eli is my LL best girl but Alumi is my waifu -nanora! ^^

2 years since my adventures as a SIF player (and whale on occasions) began


SLG Eli (♥), SLG Nico, and Constellation Rin idolized on EN pre-4.0

Ranked #19 in Eli token event (Don't go, you are my love)

First top 100 (#83) in Medley Festival Round 7 (Steampunk Eli + Vampire Honoka)

First Tier 1 in Score Match Round 19 (Masquerade Eli + Track and Field Rin) !!


Tier 2 in Medley Festival Round 9 (Vampire Honoka), 離さないでYou are my love (Rock Eli), and 夢みたいな One Night (Gothic Yohane/Ruby) events on JP Thief Eli account

Condolences Tier 2 (aka almost made it to Tier 1 but didn't) in Challenge Festival Round 1 event (Easter Maki) on JP Thief Eli account

Early SSS's: Spicaterrible EX & Trouble Busters EX

All EX beatmaps FC!

1753 combo in Medley Festival (Angelic Angel/PSYCHIC FIRE/Wao Wao Powerful Day!)


1 account: