k who actually reads all the crap on a person's profile though?


I need sleep. A lot of it. Unfortunately, I am busy with both school and idol hell, so I cannot get sleep.

Update (as of July 22/17): Currently on hiatus until KLab decides to fix my game, thanks a lot KLab.

Update (as of Aug. 24th, 2017): Happily married to Abukuma~ (Kantai Collection, if you don't know what this is, it's fine, you can ignore~)


Also lurking in the depths of SIT, don't have as much time to make quality 10/10 points anymore, given other hobbies and responsibilities... Still love y'all~


NOTICE: I currently have a Sae SSR account for Deresute that I don't really want to manage, PM me for details~



  1. Kotori
  2. Umi
  3. Rin


  1. ZURA
  2. You
  3. RIko


  1. Anzu the lazy ass
  2. Riina
  3. Usamin~

Songs - Muse

  1. Mermaid festa vol.2 ~Passionate~
  2. Snow Halation
  3. Fuyu ga Koreta Yokan
  4. Eien Friends (underappreciated, but it's so good... ;-;)
  5. Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku

Songs - Aqours

  1. Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM
  2. Pops heart de Odoru damon!
  3. Daydream Warrior
  4. Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo
  5. Kimeta yo Hand in Hand

Songs - IMAS (not deresute because one of the songs aren't deresute)

  1. Anzu no Uta
  2. Märchen Debut (SINGALONG)
  3. Kiramekirari
  4. Mitsuboshi☆☆★
  5. Ankira!? Kyousoukyoku


(where you'll find friend IDs for the games I play and any spare accounts I'm willing to give away - but who reads this crap?)

NOTICE: I currently have a Sae SSR account for Deresute that I don't really want to manage, PM me for details~


SIF EN (Passionate) is my first account, no rerolls, I thought I was pretty lucky with this account, and I love it at the moment. I don't see me ever giving this account away, unless I plan on quitting forever... (but I don't plan on doing so anytime soon~)

  • Friend ID: 655799816

SIF JP (Ex-Thuggie) is courtesy of Thug, who gave me her old account, because I loved Christmas You.

  • ID: (will add later too lazy to access)

SIF JP (Aki) is my first JP account. Although I initially wanted to reroll, I got too lazy, and just decided to stick with it... then Ruby came from green ticket, so yay...

  • ID: (will add later too lazy to access)


Only have one account - which is named Passionate (duh). Courtesy of Rubae, who allowed me to stop rerolling for Anzu SSRs. By the way, contact me for a Sae SSR account that I have leftover, I gave the rest of the SSR accounts that I got while rerolling to friends~

  • ID: (will add later)

Chain Chronicle

OK, so I played on EN, then when EN closed down, I didn't know there was a JP and stopped playing. Then in like December 2016, I learned that there was a JP version, then started playing again. Unfortunately, I was too busy, and ended up quitting. Now, I play again, and had to start a new account as I couldn't recover my old one... Although I'm pretty happy about this account, so many SSRs (plus all of the KonoSuba characters at at least 1 LB...)~

  • ID: (wil add later)


Once again, only one account, named 'Passionate'. Didn't even bother rerolling for this since I got a beautiful 4 SR pull for my first 10+1...

  • ID: (will add later)


This game is a lot less common... and severely overrated by some people, and underrated by others. It's not that bad, but I personally prefer rhythm games. Either way, I'm too lazy to play the JP version as well, so I only play EN. Once again - name is 'Passionate', and haven't rerolled for this game since I got a 2 4* pull for my first 10+1.

  • ID: (will add later)

I do have a crapload of other games that I'm too lazy to list, if you play any of the following games, and want to play with me, just shoot me a PM, and I'd be more than happy to send you a friend request!

  • Soccer Spirits (veteran)
  • Otogi SA (meh, not a beginner, but not great either)
  • Game of Dice (I'd consider myself pretty good...)
  • And other games that I can't list off the top of my head... if I don't forget later, I'll add it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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