About me? I'm a big LL! and SIF fan but who here isn't? Nico is my favorite girl and Nico and Maki is my favorite ship (no surprise there).

I'm a big anime fan and a hardcore gamer. I love anime style games but play many different genres. I am a PC, console, handheld, and mobile gamer. I don't care what platform a game is on, I just care about the games. I own Sony, Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft consoles so you won't see my engage in any fan boy wars either.

I love music. Absolutely love it. I listen to everything from oldies. J-Pop, electropop, classic rock, 90's, to whatever I'm in the mood for. I am absolutely addicted to J-Pop and pretty much everything that fits into the electronic genre. I've recently fallen in love with "chill trap" music. I prefer female vocals. Finally, I am a huge Vocaloid fan. I listen to quite a bit of it. I also listen to a little UTAU now and then as well.

Oh, yeah. I'm a bit of a techie. I love Android devices, run Linux, follow tech news, etc.

Nico Nico Ni!!!


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