Idol Supporter

EN player and longtime rhythm game fan.

Best girls: Kotori, Hanayo, Rin.
Disliked girls: none.
Best N girl: Ranpha

Important Announcement: As of 5/15/2015 I will be playing SIF much less seriously. Generally, I will not be playing much, if at all, in most events, with T2/T1 attempts much more scarce. In addition, I will be making much fewer draws overall.

Future event plans (EN):
Honoka token event: Will only get event SR
Rin score match: T1
Eli token event: Event SR only
Nozomi score match: T2
Kotori token event: T2
Nico score match: T2

JP account is only for messing around and is not played seriously. Updates will be scarce.


2 accounts: