hi im aiden and id die for honoka

as far as im concerned, sif is over. i got wedding honoka idolized on a side account so i have no real obligation to keep playing? that was my endgame goal and i achieved it. the only reason im still playing is bcs the songs r good and i have future yohane/dia cards to look forward to >:3c

otherwise im gay as fuck and enstars owns my ass follo me on twitter for daily 'i love kaoru hakaze' tweets and not much else

i dont like tomodachis dm system so add me on skype @ adokoga (or discord @ Xx_aiden_xX#9248.. my un is an inside joke between my bf and another friend dont laugh at me) if u wanna talk to me? im bad at interaction and dont open up much but ur welcome to try


2 accounts: