Hi! I’m second year trash and Umi Sonoda is my wife <3

I fell into idol hell in May 2017. I discovered it through some videos on YouTube and thought the girls were cute, so I decided to watch the anime first. Then I found out there was a game. Now I can’t escape.

Feel free to friend request me (if I happen to have a bunch of open slots)! I’ll be happy to accept you as long as I know you OR you are an active, dedicated player!! Friendly messages are welcome too!

Have a nice day wherever you are!

μ's best girls (from most to least favorite)

Umi ♡, Honoka, Nico, Kotori, Eli, Hanayo, Rin, Maki, Nozomi

Aqours best girls (from most to least favorite)

Riko, Ruby, Yohane, Mari, Hanamaru, Kanan, Dia, You, Chika

Subunits (from most to least favorite)

  • μ's: lily white, Printemps, BiBi
  • Aqours: Guilty Kiss, AZALEA, CYaRoN!

Favorite ships

  • μ's: HONOUMI ♡, NozoEli, RinMaki, HonoKotoUmi, NicoUmi, TsubaHono, RinPana, UmiMaki, KotoPana
  • Aqours: YohaRiko, DiaMari, YouRiko, LeahRuby, YohaRuby

SIF Achievements!

  • first T1: UmiMaki Challenge Festival (# 108)
  • first T3+ event: YohaMari Score Match
  • first expert FC: Yuujou no Change
  • first master FC: Snow Halation
  • first slide FC: LONELIEST BABY
  • first daily EX/MASTER FC: Nawatobi
  • first µ's UR (and first overall): Dancer Kotori
  • first Aqours UR: Cheer Chika
  • first UR pair: Dancer KotoRin
  • achieved first top 100 and ranked 14th in HonoUmi Challenge Festival on EN/WW with 400,000 points! The dream to tier for OTP and best girls has finally been realized ♡ (now pls give us Rock HonoUmi the μ's Rock set is my fav event set)
  • achieved tricolor with Victorian Kotori on 12/27/2017!
  • first Umi UR (and dream UR) aka Flower Bouquet Umi came home on her birthday (03/15/2018) ♡

Personal SIF Goals:

  • get a Riko UR
  • reach rank 300
  • get to 240 LP so I can go a day without idol hell!
  • get the gorgeous New Year's HonoUmi pair and idolize it

Currently (or hoping to) saving for:

  • maybe some green tickets for Christmas V2 Riko.....or twintails Valentine's V2 Riko <3 (I don't scout Aqours enough)
  • Honoka's birthday box (i S2G next year i'll do at least all three steps)
  • Riko's birthday box (if it comes)
  • μ's 2nd years box
  • maybe 300+ gems for Umi's birthday next year

2 accounts: