I discovered the world of Love Live! when I was on Google. How, you may (probably not) ask. Well, I was looking for anime girls with red hair when I happened to come across one that particularly interested me. Later, I discovered she was from a thing call Love LIve!, a girl called Maki. Since then, I've delved further into it, until here I am! Though Maki is not my best girl (Hi You), she still holds a place close to my heart.

I'm a very active player, since I play everyday, but I'm still a minor, and my parents don't want me playing video games too often. So I'm usually on near the afternoon. If you want to be my friend, my friend code should be up at some point. I usually accept requests from players with strong cards, in order to aid my team. I'm also not a very good saver, judging by the cards in my stock. I hope to make my album grow.

Aqours Best Girls:

1: You Watanabe

2: Dia Kurosawa

3: Yohane Tsushima

μ's Best Girls:

1: Umi Sonoda

2: Maki Nishikino

3: Hanayo Koizumi

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Best Girls:

1: Ai Miyashita

2: Emma Verde

3: Kasumi Nakasu

All Time Favorite Sub-Units:

1: Guilty Kiss

2: Lily White


Fun, Random Facts About Me: I'm an aspiring author, and I hope that Love Live! will fill me with inspiration.


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