Hi I'm Rosa and I'm everyone's angry gay sister

I have a million best girls and none of you can stop me

Pana, Nozo, Eli > Nico, Honk, Kotori > Rin, Umi, Maki

Dia, Mari, Kanan > Riko, Ruby > Chika, Yohane, Hanamaru > You


  • SR: Strange Sympathy Hanayo
  • Idolized SR: Detective Hanayo
  • Event SR: Cherry blossoms Maki
  • UR: November Hanayo
  • Idolized UR: Marine Umi

I tend to be a bit harsh in my wordings, if this is the case please feel free to point it out. I'm most likely not trying to be rude on purpose but don't always think before i speak

I usually follow people back, but if you're very young (14 or younger) I probably won't. Nothing personal!

Not a native English speaker, if I word some things oddly please be understanding!



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