Hi there! You can call me Kitty :) I ♡ Love Live! My favourite groups are Aqours and Saint Snow.

You can add me on LLSIF All Stars: 131649116 (KittyKitty)


Current Goals

Collect all µ's and Aqours sets, SRs SSRs URs (excluding promos and limited cards)

SRs - 2 left!




◇ µ's ◇

Favourite Idols: Nozomi (1st) & Umi (2nd)

Favourite Singing Voice: Rin

Favourite Song: Wild Stars

Favourite Sub-Unit Group: Lily White

Favourite Sub-Unit Song: Shunjou no Romantic

Favourite LL:SIF Sets: Mermaid, Fairy, Dancer, Magical Girl



Favourite Idols: You (1st) & Mari (2nd)

Favourite Singing Voice: Yoshiko

Favourite Song: Jump up HIGH!!

Favourite Sub-Unit Group: Guilty Kiss

Favourite Sub-Unit Song: Phantom Rocket Adventure

Favourite LL:SIF Sets: Siren, Arabian, Snow Fairy, Spring Fairy


◇ Nijigasaki School Idol Fan Club ◇

Favourite Idols Emma (1st) & Rina (2nd)

Favourite Singing Voice: Shizuku

Favourite Song: Solitude Rain

Favourite Sub-Unit Group: QU4RTZ

Favourite Sub-Unit Song: Sing & Smile


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