Hello there~ Nice to meet you. You can just call me Kitty.

I love Love Live, Muse, and Aqours! I play everyday and will always update my SIT profile when I get new cards. I'm addicted to scouting and I'm a whale! I adore all my cards and want to collect each and every one. My ultimate goal is to get all of the old Muse event SRs.

Currently saving up for:

[Nozomi's Lim. Brithday UR (zodiac)], [Nozomi's Lim. Birthday UR 2019], [Mari's lim. AC UR]

My best Muse girl has always been Nozomi. Not sure why, but I was really drawn to her character in the anime. She's so funny and bubbly and I love her cute hair scrunchies. I just want to give her a big hug. Playing LL:SIF, I've been blessed by Umi and I've grown attached to her. She's incredibly smart, hard-working, and such a kind person. I really admire her.

My best Aqours girls are Mari and You. I can't pick which one is my top girl yet! Mari is just so funny, almost anything she says makes me laugh (in a good way). She's also an amazing singer. You has such an interesting personality and is an outstanding friend and person in general. I'd love to have a friend in real life that was just like her!

During the day, I'm a medical supply clerk. When I'm not working or playing LL:SIF, I'm usually cleaning my house or hanging with my cats and family. My favourite anime/manga/tv shows include Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters, Aikatsu, Mermaid Melody, Steven Universe, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm not a shy person, honest! I just like keeping to myself. But if you ever want to chat about anything please feel free to send me a message or friend request~

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Duelist ID: 438-521-448 (SetoWuvsAtem)

BanG Dream! ID: 2987041 (KittyKitty)

Please please please support Aqours by attending their Love Live! concerts if you can. You can search for viewings in your city. I've attended and watched their Happy Party Train Tour, Hakodate Unit Carnival, and ~Wonderful Stories~ lives and they were all AMAZING. There's nothing better than seeing them on the big screen along with other Love Live fans. Looking forward to attending the rest of their lives.

Aqours Movie HYPE!!!!!!!


Favourite Muse Girl/s: Nozomi & Umi

Favourite Singer: Rin

Favourite Muse Group: Lily White

Favourite Muse Song: Shunjou no Romantic

Favourite Muse Set/s: Mermaid, Fairy, & Dancer

Dream Cards: Crayon Umi (UR), Universe Umi (UR), Birthday Nozomi (UR), Tea Party Nozomi (UR)


Favourite Aqours Girl/s: Mari & You

Favourite Singer: Yoshiko

Favourite Aqours Group: Guilty Kiss

Favourite Aqours Song: Galaxy Hide & Seek

Favourite Aqours Set/s: Angel, Valentines V2, Siren

Dream Cards: Valentines V2 You (UR) Snow Angel Mari (UR)


Favourite PDP Girl/s: Emma

Favourite Singer: ????

Favourite PDP Song: Starlight


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