June 23, 2018, 3:03 p.m.

Love letters & Live idols

Live idols competition not ending yet!

We want to see more cosplayers and photographers, so we're doing a White Day REMATCH!

-> Countdown before the end

How to enter the White Day REMATCH?

  • Cosplayers and photographers are allowed to enter the competition. You have to either take the photo/video and/or be on the picture.
  • Cosplay as an idol and take a picture or a video GIVING or RECEIVING a LOVE LETTER or CHOCOLATES
  • You may cosplay any Love Live! character, including Ns and rival/supporting characters.
  • This competition is not limited to a specific gender. For example, if you identify as male and do not wish to cross-dress, you can cosplay as a male version of a character or your own character with inspirations from an existing LoveLive! character. Cross-dressing and gender-bender alternatives are of course allowed as well. The efforts you put in the cosplay itself are up to you. You can just wear a wig or wear an elaborated costume. Costumes don’t need to be hand made. However, keep in mind that your efforts and creativity are what will make people vote for you!


  • TOP 5 with highest number of likes
  • TOP 5 staff picks


  • 1 Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari Clear file

How to submit your entry?

  1. Login to School Idol Tomodachi or register if you're not already (it takes less than 30 seconds!). Make sure you also add your game account.
  2. Go to your profile and scroll to your game account, then click on "Post your own activity".
  3. Write down your entry details (text, link to video, images, etc).
  4. Somewhere in your activity, include the word “ValentineLiveIdol2018” (exactly like that, without spaces). That’s how we will count you in the competition!
  5. Once your activity is posted, scroll back to where you created it to open it. You can edit it if needed.
  6. To double-check that your entry is in, check this link (you may need to wait a few days to get it approved by either our staff teams or by the community by getting enough likes)

The winners the Love letters competition:

#1 Yukinechuu


See original activity

#2 coolioreese


See original activity

#3 PastelGothLuna


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#4 Espkins


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#5 atomicskies


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The 5 staff picks are coming soon!

Edit: Staff picks + Live Idols winners announced!