Oct. 2, 2019, 3:58 p.m.

2019 Sakurauchi Riko Fan Awards

The winners of 2019 Sakurauchi Riko Fan Awards are...

Fan Awards winner - elected by our panel of judges


Voted top "Passion"!

  • Jib (Artist): "You have clearly stated the reasons why you love Riko and seem to have put into a lot of effort! This post brimmed with passion."
  • Yuki Fujiwara (Artist): "I really love the passion and dedication they have for Riko as well as how much they love her"
  • PsyGemKo (Member of the judges panel, Donator): "You went above and beyond to show your love of Riko. Your Itabag is precious, your list of reasons to love Riko are pure, and you even mentioned her VA! You clearly love Riko, it shows!"
  • julia (Member of the judges panel, Donator): "This entry is so passionate! I was smiling the whole time looking at it!"
  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "The passion, the clean formatting, a cute collection and cute art! This post has a little bit of everything that left me feeling wowed just how much they care about Riko, especially going as far to dedicate a section to also talk about her seiyuu!"

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Runner up Fan Winner


Runner up for "Creativity and originality"

Voted top "Effort"!

  • Jib (Artist): "I find it really interesting how Riko motivated you to draw such a lovely piece of art! You show a lot of care to passion towards her."
  • nozomiinotic (Member of the judges panel): "Your love for Riko is very strong! Your work apron, and drawing all show that she's very important to you and a great influence on your daily life! It was very nice to read this, and you did a great job with your drawing! "
  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "I was amazed by how cute that apron was and is something i've definitely never seen before! Plus all the life lessons you've taken to heart from Riko are very cute I'm glad she could inspire you to draw again you have a lovely art style!"
  • kyuchiin☆ (Member of the judges panel, Starlight Academy staff, Graphic designer) also liked this entry.

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#1 Crowd's Favorite Winner - elected by the community



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Runner up Crowd's Favorite Winner



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Honorable mentions

  • xamaiijelli - See activity

    • rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel): "I really love this one! I love the story they had, and i also love how they celebrated her birthday all the way in Japan. This was so sweet"
    • lizertoast (Member of the judges panel): "This is such a wonderful way to celebrate your best girls birthday. The way you speak about Riko really shows just how incredibly passionate you are about her! Your cover was so beautiful and you can hear how much you care about Riko in your singing!"
  • louanne - See activity

    • Runner up for "Passion"
    • nozomiinotic (Member of the judges panel): "Louanne, your entry was very well-worded! Through your post, I could feel how special Riko is to you and how much you relate to her! Along with that, the birthday UR image with the hearts is adorable! "
    • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "I always love hearing what a character has done to help someone in their day to day, seeing someone have the ability to smile through hard times just by seeing them is always a heartwarming thing!"
  • Mikan - See activity

    • julia (Member of the judges panel, Donator): "I loved all the different ways they showed their love for Riko including playing the saxophone!!! Very talented!!!"
    • PsyGemKo (Member of the judges panel, Donator), rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel) and lizertoast (Member of the judges panel) also liked this entry.
  • SakuraBouquet - See activity

    • Voted top "Creativity and originality"!
    • Runner up for "Effort"
    • nozomiinotic (Member of the judges panel): "SakuraBouquet, your cover and drawing are amazing! (I'm listening to your cover as I type this!) Your Riko collection in sif is also very nice! Overall, I see how much you love and relate to Riko and it's really wonderful! "
    • julia (Member of the judges panel, Donator): "This entry is so adorable! This person also put in a lot of effort to rebuild their Riko collection after losing an account! I'm sure Riko is very proud of them!"
    • PsyGemKo (Member of the judges panel, Donator) and rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel) also liked this entry.
  • Skylines0 - See activity

    • Jib (Artist): "The art is is really clean and pretty! It looks really cute."

Other participants:

Kurone - See activity - "Your artwork is lovely, and your writing is very sweet."

Lo - See activity - "A nice message directly addressed to Riko, and a beautiful piece of art."

Nyanner - See activity - "You cosplay looks amazing! It's also very nice to see your little collection grow passionately."

AikoAmori - See activity - "Amazing job on that cosplay!"

Congratulations to our winners!

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Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! We loved your entries!

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