Sept. 25, 2019, 10:50 p.m.


It's best girl's birthday!

You can't even imagine how much I waited for this day and how happy I am today. I am not good at writing and this is my first activity but I will try for Riko!

I discovered Love Live in 2018 when I saw a ChikaRiko edit on Instagram and told myself that the one with red/pink-ish hair was really cute.

At first I only downloaded SIF and I choose her as my starter then I instantly watched Love Live SIP then Sunshine and it's where I completely fell in love with Riko. At the first episodes I was already attached to her but as I kept watching I would start loving her more and more every time she appeared on my laptop. Why?

She is a great and thoughtful friend to Aqours, battling her fear and her shyness. She is talented in both piano and singing! I love her singing voice so much (thanks to Rikako) and I can't count how many times I listened or played Pianoforte Monologue, I'm even listening to it as I'm writing this and of course Guilty Kiss' songs -which I love because it shows a more confident Riko- . Her beautiful design, funny faces, aesthetic and cards (even her R are beautiful lmao). Her 'panic moments', the way she sees herself also are so relatable to me.

She's just an amazing and a super inspiring character to me who taught me to to believe in my childhood dream: becoming a singer and composer and never lose my passion (you can always catch me singing and dancing to LL songs in my shower). All of this made her my all time favorite girl <3

I'm a introverted and anxious person and I have a lot of problems IRL but Riko can always make me smile and make me feel less lonely in hard times and getting into Love Live and the characters (especially her) helped me a lot as I got to make friends that have the same interests as me :D.

I only have a poster and a little goodie of Riko which is already a lot to me but I'll try and grow my collection ! As of her cards, every time I try to scout for her it isn't really successful but I did get her UR for the 6th anniversary and I love it so much ! <3

Thanks to Riko for everything, my smile today, my friends, me believing in my passion... I don't know where I would be without her to be honest. I love her more than anything and just seeing her face makes me happy. Thanks for reading <3

(Sorry if there's any mistakes, I'm french)

Je t'aime Riko ♥