Jan. 31, 2019, 5:37 p.m.

2019 Nakasu Kasumi Fan Election

The winners of 2019 Nakasu Kasumi #1 Fan Election are...

#1 Crowd's Favorite Winner - elected by the community



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Runner up Crowd's Favorite Winner



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Other participants:

JacobNico3, BubbleWand, KotoriTheDummy66dummy

Congratulations to our winners!

They will receive a prize of their choice among the Kasumi-themed goodies we offer. You can see the list of prizes with pictures in the original election details post.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! We loved your entries!

Koizumi Hanayo Fan Election entry period just closed! Go check out all the entries and like your favorites!

Emma Verde Matsuura Kanan Uehara Ayumu Kunikida Hanamaru Sonoda Umi

The birthdays of Emma Verde (February 5), Matsuura Kanan (February 10), Uehara Ayumu (March 1), Kunikida Hanamaru (March 4) and Sonoda Umi (March 15) are coming soon, so look forward to their #1 fan elections as well!

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  • I won and I didn't hear from you?
  • I didn't win and I'm sad ;_;
    • Sorry :( Regardless, the staff and the community loved your entry so your efforts didn't go to waste at all <3 Please join our next giveaway to try again!
  • How can I thank you for your amazing work organizing these contests?
    • We always appreciate sweet comments below, and if you want to push it a little further, we have a Patreon open for donations <3
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