Sonoda Umi

Idol Sonoda Umi
園田 海未
School Otonokizaka Academy
Attribute Cool
Age 16
Birthday Mar 15
Main Unit
Sub Unit
Lily White
Lily White
Astrological Sign
Blood Type A
Height 159
Measurements B76 / W58 / H80
Favorite Food Honokas familys manjuu
Least Favorite Food Carbonated drinks
Hobbies Reading and Calligraphy
Year Second
CV Mimori Suzuko (Mimorin)
Profile Instagram
Summary A 16-year-old, second-year high school student and the childhood friend of Honoka and Kotori. Raised in a family that runs a school of traditional Japanese dance, she is a refined girl with perfect manners and has a dignified air around her. She has also practiced archery ever since she was little. She is strict with herself and with others and hates misconduct and laziness.
Sources Wiki ラブライブ!Official