Yo! Max here, and somehow this game is my stress reliever.

Proud member of the CYaRon Republic! I cry every time I get a new card of them or listen to their songs, I love them so much, crayon is the best subunit world, and their seiyuu are literally angels bless. And just assume every one of their cards are on my wish list.

Solo yolos got me my first 2 URs and the umidah method has secured my third, bless. 10/10/16 got my tricolored URS <3

Best girl order is this: Maki and Pana tied for first, then it's Birb in second with Nozo-tan as a close third, and all the other girls kinda floating around in different positions depending on how I feel that day.

As for the Aqours girls Chika has bumped her way up to first with You and Ruby a close second and Kanan in third, and like for muse everyone else is kinda just floating around

Here are my first SIF cards on EN


My current goals (also on EN):

-Save up at least 300 gems for when the crayon box comes to EN (done!!! and I got such a good scout freaking bless cyaron)

-Try to save up stickers to idolize my Kotori UR

-Reach Rank 250

-FC my second daily song, Garasu no Hanazono (only off by 50 notes!)

-T1 the makipana event when it comes to EN

-Finally get another pure UR (@ rng gods pls, it's been like a year let me have 2 pure URs) [DONE! POOL RUBY CAME HOME I'M STILL SOBBING BOUT IT]


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