Nice to meet you! I'm Tinymoon - a small girl with dreams of making content for everyone to enjoy :)

I have a passion for creating music, and video games so hmu if you ever want to talk about them!

The video game I made can be found at this link: https://tinymoon.itch.io/pixel-eyes



~ Best u's girl: Honoka! <3 / Best aqours girls: All first years! ~

Other franchises/musicians I love (Updating this frequently haha):

-Cinderella Girls (an idol franchise)

~Queen (a classic rock band)

~Gorillaz (a virtual band)

~Undertale (a popular indie video game)

~Half-Life (a classic shooter game)

-Bioshock (a classic shooter game)

-Grim Fandango (a retro point-n-click game)

-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (a popular manga/anime)


Oh, and I'm working on a few projects, such as my video game, which will be released shortly! Please support them when they come out :)

(pfp credits to RanRan)


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