I first found out about Love Live at Anime Boston 2016, and began playing SIF around the time of the Final Live. My first event was Our Best Smile in April, and I was somehow able to get one copy of Military Maki. At that time I was envious of those who had known the series for a longer time (with higher ranks and big LP bars). I quit playing from early May until mid July. With renewed spirit I tried to tier 2 halfway through an event on Normal difficulty, yet I failed (this was Round 6 Melody Festival - Kotori Umi). But since then I have gotten either T2 or T1 on every event, and am now completely addicted to the game. I do wish I could have started earlier, but I still can enjoy the music. And of course now there's Aqours!

Sep/27/2016 - Pool Rin was my first UR

Oct/10/2016 - Got Initial Hanayo UR

After two UR's in such a short time I believed Hanayo and Rin called each other home. This was around the start of 4.0, so from then on I focused on building up SR seals to idolize both of them.

Dec/04/2016 - Idolized Pool Rin UR

Jan/20/2017 - Placed 2nd in Rin Token event! That was a crazy week.

Jan/23/2017 - Got Baseball Eli UR from green ticket

Jan/30/2017 - Got a Starter JP account with my dream card Taisho Honoka. Will be free to play, and hopefully keep me busy enough to stop buying so many LoveCa on EN.

Mar/27/2017 - Went to the Aqours live viewing in Ottawa!


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