Hello there! I'm HonokaTakami,but I lost that account... But i don't care,I'm here again! ^^

Chika is my lil' mikan <3.

Honk is my µ's waifu,and Kasumi my PDP waifu ^^

If you want to talk with me,message me anytime,I will answer when i can :D

Some info about me!:

I'm a huge fan of Animal Crossing! I have Animal Crossing Wild World,in my DS,and Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo in my 3DS XL! (And Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer too! uwu)

My birthday is the 20/02!

I'm Homosexual.

My fav fruit is the orange(And the tangerine)

My favourite colour is the black.

I LOVE penguins and wolves.

And I'm spanish,sorry if I write something bad xd.


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