Yoneme Mei

Idol Yoneme Mei
米女 メイ
School Yuigaoka Girls' High School
Attribute Pure
Birthday Oct 29
Main Unit
Astrological Sign
Blood Type A
Height 155
Favorite Food Blueberries, Soufflé, Parfaits
Year First
CV Yabushima Akane (None)
Summary Y-Yo. My name is Yoneme Mei. P-Please, don’t look at me too much. What? Y-You think I’m cute? Of course I'm not! I mean, when I was little they always told me that I have a scary look and my friends were all afraid of me. I don’t like it…the way they talk about me. That’s why I wasn’t actually going with the whole school idol thing at first. “It doesn’t suit me”, I thought. O-Obviously I like them, they’re flashy, dreamy, and make everyone smile, so… I thought maybe I could do it too. O-Of course I still think it doesn’t suit me at all, but… once I’ll get on stage, I’ll do my very, very best! So… um… please, cheer for me…okay?
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