Wakana Shiki

Idol Wakana Shiki
若菜 四季
School Yuigaoka Girls' High School
Attribute Cool
Birthday Jun 17
Main Unit
Astrological Sign
Blood Type B
Height 161
Favorite Food Chestnuts, Mont Blanc
Year First
CV Ookuma Wakana (None)
Summary My name is Wakana Shiki... That's it. Eh? That was too short? Do you really need more of my data? My favorite things? Mei. Other than that... Stag beetles and butterflies. That's about it. Alright, we're done. Eh? It's still not enough? What I'm good at? Nothing in particular. But Mei did say that I was good and making inventions and doing experiments. Besides the school idol club, I'm also a member of the science club. Compared to when I was in the science club alone, it's so loud and different in the school idol club. I don't really like noisy places, but singing with the others and getting lots of praise may not be so bad... If you'd like, please come and see us on stage.
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