Toujou Nozomi

Idol Toujou Nozomi
東條 希
School Otonokizaka Academy
Attribute Pure
Age 17
Birthday Jun 09
Main Unit
Sub Unit
Lily White
Lily White
Astrological Sign
Blood Type O
Height 159
Measurements B90 / W60 / H82
Favorite Food Yakiniku
Least Favorite Food Caramel
Hobbies Taking Naps and Fortune-Telling
Year Third
CV Kusuda Aina (Kussun)
Profile Instagram
Summary A 17-year-old, third-year high school student and the student council vice-president. Her relatively carefree personality is the complete opposite of Elis, and she speaks with a peculiar mix of a Kansai accent and regular Japanese. She makes a good team with the cool Eli. She has a big heart and is the oldest of all the members. While she appears to be indifferent to most things, she is also quite the schemer.
Sources Wiki ラブライブ!Official