Shibuya Kanon

Idol Shibuya Kanon
澁谷 かのん
School Yuigaoka Girls' High School
Attribute Cool
Birthday May 01
Main Unit
Astrological Sign
Blood Type A
Height 159
Favorite Food Roasted apples, tomatoes, hamburgers, cafe au lait
Year Second
CV Date Sayuri (Sayurin)
Summary Hello. My name is Shibuya Kanon. Um...I’m sorry, I’m not very good at stuff like this… Um… introductions, huh? Introductions… My name is Kanon, and my birthday’s May 1st. I live together with my family and help out at our coffee shop, and I’m a pretty ordinary high schooler. There’s nothing in particular I excel at… huh? Singing? Nowaynowaynoway! ...I’m nervous, but I wanna get everyone excited through the songs I love… I don’t really have any dreams for my future, and there’s not really a subject at school I excel at… aah, I’m so boring! But, y’know? Even though I’m pretty ordinary, no, because I’m pretty ordinary, I think that I can do this whole school idol thing. I want to get everyone excited through the songs I love, so I hope you’ll cheer me on!
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