Sakurakoji Kinako

Idol Sakurakoji Kinako
桜小路 きな子
School Yuigaoka Girls' High School
Attribute Pure
Birthday Apr 10
Main Unit
Astrological Sign
Blood Type O
Height 159
Favorite Food Potatoes, Pumpkin, Corn
Hobbies Gardening, Baking Bread
Year First
CV Suzuhara Nozomi (None)
Summary H-Hey, what’s up? I’m Sakurakoji Kinako. I just transfered to Yuigaoka in Tokyo straight from the great land of Hokkaido in the north. School idols are so pretty, that I thought it’d be imposssible for someone like me to become one myself. However, I’ve decided to give it a go with everything I’ve got after seeing how dazzling my senpais were. I don’t have any special skills. I’m not particularly athletic, and my grades are average… Ah, but they always tell me that I’m super good at understanding animals and how they feel, so I guess I’ve got that going for me? I’ve yet to know this huge metropolis that is Tokyo, and I’m still very anxious, but I’ll do my best to become a school idol like my senpais I adore so much! Nice to meet all of you!
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