Mia Taylor

Idol Mia Taylor
テイラー ミア
School Nijigasaki High School
Attribute Cool
Age 14
Birthday Dec 06
Main Unit
Nijigasaki High Scho
Nijigasaki High Scho
Sub Unit
Astrological Sign
Blood Type AB
Height 156
Measurements B80 / W55 / H80
Favorite Food Hamburgers
Year Third
CV Uchida Shu (Shu-chan, Shushu)
Summary From All Stars: By the time she reached 14 years old, she had skipped many school years and was studying in university. She then enrolled at Nijigasaki High School as a 3rd-year student. Daughter of the world-renowned Taylor family of musicians, she once wanted to be a vocalist. Now, she's composed hit songs one after the other. She can get a bit cheeky at times. Hamburgers and baseball are two of her other obsessions.
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