Hoshizora Rin

Idol Hoshizora Rin
星空 凛
School Otonokizaka Academy
Attribute Smile
Age 15
Birthday Nov 01
Main Unit
Sub Unit
Lily White
Lily White
Astrological Sign
Blood Type A
Height 155
Measurements B75 / W59 / H80
Favorite Food Ramen
Least Favorite Food Fish
Hobbies All Sports
Year First
CV Iida Riho (Rippi)
Profile Instagram
Summary A 15-year-old, first-year high school student and an energetic girl whos fond of sports. She would rather move her body than worry about things. She ends up participating in everything just because they sound interesting. Most likely due to her involvement in sports, she is very helpful and often looks after her childhood friend, Hanayo. Her responses are always full of energy and she puts her all into practices.
Sources Wiki ラブライブ!Official