Heanna Sumire

Idol Heanna Sumire
平安名 すみれ
School Yuigaoka Girls' High School
Attribute Smile
Birthday Sep 28
Main Unit
Astrological Sign
Blood Type AB
Height 161
Favorite Food Egg on rice, green tea, melon
Year Second
CV Naomi Payton (Pay-chan)
Profile Instagram
Summary Hehe, looks like it’s finally my turn. It’s okay. Don’t worry, your ‘heroine’ will be arriving soon. I’m sure everyone knows my name, but just in case, it’s Heanna Sumire. Yup, that Sumire. I used to prioritize studying by myself, so I limit what I’d do, but now that I’m in high school, I can finally start being a school idol. Of course, my dream is to boost my popularity as a charismatic school idol, so that my name can be known throughout all of Japan, no, the entire universe. Oh, sometimes I stream online, so subscribe when you can. Galaxy!
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