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Congratulations to our winners!

They will receive a prize of their choice among the Love Live!-themed goodies we offer. You can see the list of prizes with pictures in the original giveaway post.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success!

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The Crowd's Favorite Winners

The power is in the end of the community! Make everyone drool with your yummy-looking entry, and they'll leave a like~ The most liked entry at the end of the contest is the winner!

1st hoshizoralucina


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2nd DMP12345


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The Savory Chef Winner

Lunch, dinner, or even a savory brunch? Make a mouth-watering savory dish to be a winner!


400 points
  • Apple (Artist): "Nothing brings friends (and idols) closer together than a good hotpot, and this looks like no exception! Just looking at it had me drooling a bit, and I bet it tasted like a bit of all 9 girls' personalities too! Imagine hanging out with friends while eating this and watching Love Live! Now THAT sounds like a good winter day to me~"
  • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff, Donator): "The idea of executing a dish based on the in-game story was that extra little thing."
  • db0 (Developer): "I actually remember that part of the SIF story very clearly so when I saw you were doing it my first reaction was... did they really put cheesecake in the hotpot? :D And then I saw you didn't, but I still found the hotpot delicious-looking and it made me want to join the party~ And then I saw you actually included the cheesecake part in your entry, as a separate dish! It was an amazing idea, and the execution is even better! I love your entry <3"
  • Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff): "I adore the creativity/originality of taking the recipe ideas from and SIF story!"

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Savory Chef Honorable mentions

  • Moth - See activity

    • Nacko (Artist): "its creative in terms of comedy and nutrition "
    • kyuchiin☆ (Member of the judges panel, Graphic designer): "I love how creative it looks like, the lamp made it less plain!"
  • MoondtVrai - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "I've tried writing on omurice with ketchup before and I failed because it's really hard (uwu), but you were able to make a really cute design and the text is easy to read! Good job~"
  • db0 - See activity

    • DevilDash (Translator): "Very traditional style. Mouth watering."
    • Elililililili (Artist): "What I like about this entry is how the details are presented and how it’s overall appearance looks like"
    • Nozih (Translator): "I love the photo disposition and the dishes look all so tasty!"
    • shuwarin dreaming (Graphic designer, Translator): "Im really impressed by all kinds of dishes there are and how yummy they all seem."
    • Ganzfeld (Member of the judges panel): "With multiple entrees presented, the whole visual appeal is overall much more pleasing. You can even see the effort and documentation for each dish that was created, as well as background knowledge for each one."
    • Hoshino☆ (Member of the judges panel, School Idol Tomodachi staff): "Needless to say, there was a ton of creativity and originality! The fact this was made with others was even more special since food is meant to be shared and savored together with friends~ I can tell there was a ton of passion, considering the different pieces that made up the dish(es) overall! "
    • rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel): "I really like this one! I can tell that it took a lot of effort, and it came out amazing! It looks so good, and I appreciate their creativity. "
    • ?Mikuni? (Artist, Graphic designer): "It has a ton of variety and the placement and creativity of each piece."
    • Shnakay (Artist): "So much love and effort went into creating such cute and detailed items!!"
    • ekotts (Maji Love staff), brokenmadnessu (Graphic designer), myhome1207 (School Idol Tomodachi staff, Translator), ryukoko (Member of the judges panel) and hyun (Translator) also liked this entry.

The Sweetest Baker Winners

Cake, macarons, cookies, you name it! It's time to show off your baking skills and your sweet tooth~ Make the most delicious-looking sweet confectionary to be the winner!

#1 LinOfExecutions

700 points
  • DevilDash (Translator): "The art on the cake looks beautiful. Took the effort to make a two layer cake."
  • Elililililili (Artist): "What I like about this entry is the effort put into it and the food looks really neat and they didn’t mess up in decorating it to give appeal to the design and appearance."
  • shuwarin dreaming (Graphic designer, Translator): "every single tiny detail, the castle, that little yoshiko demon, raspBErries, plus its double layered CHOCOLATE CAKE"
  • Ganzfeld (Member of the judges panel): "It was a very intricate project to make this cake, and the did it very well, even documenting the creation process. I also like the creativity they displayed when they ran out of ingredients, instead of just being off put and not complete the entry."
  • Shnakay (Artist): "Honestly this entry is amazing!!! So much dedication to recreating this cake! And it looks delicious!!"
  • ekotts (Maji Love staff) and hyun (Translator) also liked this entry.

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#2 RenataMar02

200 points
  • rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel): "This one is really creative! It looks very cute, and very tasty!"
  • myhome1207 (School Idol Tomodachi staff, Translator) also liked this entry.

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Sweetest Baker Honorable mentions

  • Taza_Loves_to_Live - See activity

    • ?Mikuni? (Artist, Graphic designer): "Not only is it absolutely adorable, it was made with love and passion. The effort they put in to find the right colors in icing just shows exactly that."
    • ryukoko (Member of the judges panel) also liked this entry.
  • MarioHara - See activity

    • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff, Donator): "It's a RinPana cake replete with onigiri and narutomaki cookies."
  • whelmbent - See activity

    • Nacko (Artist): "its simple but I think that simplicity makes it great and it looks like it would actually taste very good "
  • Waifuexpert - See activity

    • Apple (Artist): "I love a good Panna Cotta and this definitely looks like one! I can really feel how much it connects to Dia, plus that strawberry rose is very impressive!! Cooking is all about love and passion, and you've definitely got it!"
  • NaLuNozo - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "Though the light on the photo makes it hard to see, I can totally see how much effort you put in these pancakes. It's such a nice idea to make the symbols of μ's, and they look really hard to make! It also looks like it took you a lot of time to make the batter for all the different colors, but the result is awesome and very accurate! I love it! I hope they were tasty~"
  • DMP12345 - See activity

    • Nozih (Translator): "I really appreciate is about Yosh--Yohane! I find it very cute and seems good."
    • kyuchiin☆ (Member of the judges panel, Graphic designer): "I love how there are different designs and colours!"
    • Hoshino☆ (Member of the judges panel, School Idol Tomodachi staff): "Right away from this entry I can see effort. Their work is clean, and they’ve used a bunch of icing techniques that can be really hard to pull off! They made it based around their best girl but found a way for the rest of Aqours to be included, which was pretty original to make them as Yoshiko’s bats! Their passion comes from how much they try to create different representations (see the Guilty Kiss cookies) and it shines through that they want their favourites to be known. "
    • Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff): "I love everything, but the icing Yohane is especially impressive!"
    • brokenmadnessu (Graphic designer) also liked this entry.

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