April 6, 2018, 10:07 p.m.

Dear Hanamaru, where do I even start?

You’ve been my best girl since day 1 and I genuinely regret refusing to watch Sunshine for a while because I thought it was some kind of ripoff. I’ve never been happier in my life than during the times I could watch you with Aqours, singing on the stage. As if it's nothing special, we laugh next to each other everyday

Dear Hanamaru, we’re so similar. We both like reading books. We’re both mature, yet awkward, have no confidence making friends. We both gradually shut ourselves into our small world. Yet, how do you manage to shine so much? Just the sight of your smile can make my day. Just the sound of your voice can make me smile immediately. Ah, I'm always wishing for happiness.

Dear Hanamaru, do you know how much you’ve done for me? Around the time the second season of Sunshine started, my health was at an all time low and I wasn’t motivated to do anything. Yet, seeing you again, getting to watch your adventures with your friends made me feel so much better. When I think with a smile about the things to look forward to tomorrow, the sky in my heart clears.

Dear Hanamaru, you’ve blessed me again and again in the game! From soloing your UR, to getting SSRs and SRs with green tickets, words can’t express how happy I was. Even if I only got a rare, I was still happy because it was you! You'll understand my feelings somehow, we're always together, so have they reached you yet?

Dear Hanamaru, when my parents told me we’d be visiting Japan, I was overjoyed! I would be visiting your country! Although I had limited pocket-money, I spent it on your nesoberi and figure, and I never regretted that choice. The neso has a special place in my heart, especially because it’s become my main comfort when things get hard. Maybe I can use telepathy if our bond is so happy.

Dear Hanamaru, sometimes my thoughts get dark and the world doesn’t make sense anymore. Yet, with your gentle voice you’ll guide me out of the darkness and everything will be ok. It seems like courage is welling up, little by little I can grow stronger.

Dear Hanamaru, even though I don’t like my own body, I’ve gathered the courage to cosplay you. And, when I’m wearing that wonderful costume, I think to myself that maybe I can be pretty too. It’s silly how much a simple costume has done for my confidence. I’ll even be taking it to a convention to May and am currently looking up ways to do you justice. Ah, I tried raising my cheeks in front of a mirror, I was able to smile so beautifully with my strange expression.

Dear Hanamaru, tomorrow, I’ll do my best again with a smile, because that’s how good fortunes start. The sky in my heart is clearing as I wish for happiness.

Dear Hanamaru,

Thank you.


Kunikida Hanamaru is the reason why I’m who I am today. She helped me push through my lowest times, the times when I thought the world would be better off without me and she was beside me when I was at my brightest!
I hope this sappy letter with bits of ‘Oyasuminasan’ thrown in there will do her some justice.

Also, here are the things I mentioned in the letter:

Few of the times Maru blessed me:

The neso and figure (and Maki):

The message that once made me cry from how emotional I became because of it:

The cosplay I’ll be taking to Klagenfurt’s Harucon in May:

The Maru cupcakes I made for the cooking competition a few months ago:

And finally, the Dream Team:

Happy Birthday, Hanamaru-chan!