Jan. 18, 2021, 6:40 a.m.

The School Idol Café - Home for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This season is generally capped off by spending time with family and friends, and cooking for those we love... including our idols! That’s why Idol Story and School Idol Tomodachi are excited to bring a special holiday event to our members bringing these ideas together. Whether you’re completely an amateur or a professional chef, we’d love to see your creations!


December 18th 2020 10pm UTC - February 1st 2021 10pm UTC

How to enter?

  1. Head to your kitchen and make some Love Live! themed food!
  2. Post on School Idol Tomodachi: your photo(s), the story behind your creation(s), or anything else you'd like!
  3. At the end of your post, write "TheSchoolIdolCafeHomeForTheHolidays". That's important, that's how we know you're entering!

General rules for posting apply

Participants prizes

  • Lucky Cook

    • 1 random participant will get a digital prize (one chance per user)
  • Home Chef

    • 1 participant with the most "Home for the Holidays"-themed entry will get a physical prize of their choice
  • Savory Master

    • A fancy appetizer or an over-the-top 5 course dinner? Make a mouth-watering savory dish to be a winner!
    • will get a physical prize of their choice
  • Sweetest Baker

    • Gingerbread house, yule log, Christmas pudding, eggnog, you name it! It's time to show off your baking skills and your sweet tooth~ Make the most delicious-looking sweet confectionary to be the winner!
    • will get a physical prize of their choice

Learn more about our Judges Panel

Subject to availability

Stretch goals

  • If we get more than 20 entries, we will add 1 more Lucky Cook.
  • If we get more than 40 entries, we will add 1 more Home chef.
  • If we get more than 60 entries, we will add 2 runner up winners: Savory Master and Sweetest Baker.


  • Can I submit something I baked/cooked before this contest?
    • Yes, as long as you made it yourself and you didn't use it already in any previous giveaway organized by any Circles event (including birthday events).
  • Is it required to follow the themes?
    • It has to be LoveLive! themed. It can be µ's, Aqours, Nijigasaki, Liella!, SIF, All stars or any other elements of the LoveLive! license, but it CAN'T be from [email protected], Bang Dream!, or any other similar franchise.
    • The "Home for the Holidays" theme is recommended but not required.
  • I'm not good at baking / I don't have the equipment, can I still enter?
    • It is allowed to make no-bake recipes or buy pre-made cookies or cakes, but we still want you to put some effort in your creation. You can use something you bought as a base and spend more time decorating it!
  • Does it have to be edible?
    • Yes. Though our judges will keep social distances and will not come to your house to taste test your creation(s), we will pay attention to the submitted photos and disqualify entries that are obviously not made of food.
  • Can I add non-edible parts, like a figure or accessories?
    • Yes, as long as the majority of your entry is made of food. Cake toppings are fine as well.
  • Is it allowed to photoshop, edit, add stickers, or alter photographs in any way?
    • You may add decorations, stickers, doodles, or do any kind of post-processing if you'd like.

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Collaboration event


The School Idol Café - Home for the Holidays is organized in collaboration with School Idol Tomodachi and Idol Story.