Nov. 14, 2020, 8:50 a.m.


Happy Birthday, Rinari!

You've only very very recently become one of my best girls but I love you so so much ♥ I didn't think I could relate with a Love Live girl so much but her episode in the nijigaku anime made me fall in love and realize how alike me and Rina are.

I've always struggled to emote properly. I've been asked on multiple occasions if I was mad while I was smiling or having a good time. I alse have an extremely hard time talking to people irl, I always worry if they'll misunderstand me or think I'm being mean, even if we have common interests or something my throat just closes up and I can't say what I want so I end up saying nothing at all.

Not to mention I'm starting to think I may be neurodivergent and Rinari, although not confirmed, shows many signs of it as well.

She became a huge comfort for me very quickly, she makes me extremely happy and I love her so much! Happy birthday, Rinari ♥