Jan. 28, 2020, 1:39 p.m.

remember when I said that Kiyoku has mentally broken people before just because they might have been a nuisance?


meet former idol duo RE:verse, made up of Nekura Asahi & Nekura Yuuhi (根倉亜佐飛 & 根倉結飛; Yuuhi on the left & Asahi on the right) two twins who were quite popular during their time in the spotlight.

they started idol activities in junior high and caught the attention of Kiyoku, their kouhai. she befriended them, and things went pretty well for a while ... but Kiyoku saw their popularity as a potential threat to her own, considering that they were in the same area, so by gaining their trust, she purposely wormed her way into their relationship as someone they relied on and believed in.

by the time they'd entered high school, they'd made a name for themselves across Japan. being known as "angel and devil" by their family members, they fully embraced that idea as their idol concept (peppy and confident Asahi being the "devil" and soft-spoken and introspective Yuuhi being the "angel") and gained even more popularity as they perfected their sound and image.

that was when Kiyoku, now a third year in junior high, decided she had enough and doubled down on the subtle manipulation she'd been employing for years to sow little seeds of discontent between the two - now outright ruining Yuuhi's equipment and making it look like Asahi did it, casually mentioning to Asahi how Yuuhi had been talking to her about her sister being troublesome and hard to work with, getting even their former classmates involved in spreading rumours about each other, until the once close relationship between the twins shattered in a flurry of misunderstandings - they couldn't trust each other anymore, and both felt betrayed by the person they thought was closest to them.

fast-forward two years - when the main story takes place, they're third years, and they barely talk to each other at all. Asahi is still acting as an idol with a classmate, but could never establish that duo as well as they did RE:verse. Yuuhi transferred to another school and mostly hides away in her dorm room, composing songs as she did for RE:verse, with nobody to listen to them but herself. they both miss each other dearly, but while Yuuhi is starting to suspect that Kiyoku might have had a hand in their falling out, the fact alone that Asahi bought into those hypothetical lies puts a bad enough taste in her mouth that she doubts she could ever face her again - on top of feeling guilty about falling for that supposed trap herself.

I'm not sure yet if they'd get a happy ending but for now they're just Miserable. I might edit their third year versions too, they changed appearance a bit over the years I just wanted to get this out of the way first