Aug. 16, 2019, 11:41 a.m.


Happy birthday Honoka! I love you so much - you inspire me every day to keep going until I reach my goals!

I'm not good with sappy stuff, so I'll just write one paragraph and I hope it expresses how I feel well enough.

I may not have the biggest merchandise collection or be the best fanartist, but I love Honoka with all my heart. She's someone I can relate to, and I've had a similar experience to her with rejection and failure, but if she can continue to fight until she's successful, then so can I. The fact that she formed muse on a whim from absolutely nothing is amazing and makes me believe that we all have the capability to do wonderful things if we put our minds to it. Her sparkling cheerfulness and her optimistic view of life inspires me to be confident in my abilities. I'm not the most hardcore fan, but every time I think of Honoka my heart does a little jump for joy. And that's what's most important to me.

Now onto the birthday celebrations:

What I did this year is a song remix of my favourite solo song by Honoka - Mo Hitori Janaiyo. Last year in my giveaway entry I promised I would do a song remix - but I never got round to it. Like honoka, I decided to achieve my goal and it's finished! Recently I've been super into animal crossing, so it's in the style of the animal crossing soundtrack! I also did a little pixel art Honoka for the cover art, in the animal crossing style to match.

You can view the song remix here: ====>

Close up of the art is attached!


Taking the opportunity to show of my merchandise collection now. It's still quite small and humble but it's growing! Last year, all I had was my lonely little Honoka nendoroid. And look how many friends she has now!


I have a Honoka nesoberi and a poster but they wouldn't fit in the picture, so just pretend they're there. I'm on holiday right now with my nesoberi - she says "Greetings from France!"


This was the first time I really tried to save up for a birthday box. Over the course of 3 months I saved up roughly 450 gems to spend on Honoka's boxes, although I spent around 200 on the limited UR boxes in July. I was scared I wouldn't have enough to get something worthwile, but I guess I didn't need to worry - her gorgeous birthday UR came home on the very first 10+1!

I got a bunch of SRs and SSRs too from the rest of my 10+1s and I can now proudly say that I have tricolour teams made only of SR+ Honoka cards!!! It's gonna be tiring adding them all to my account on the schoolidolu database...


And that's pretty much it! Thanks so much for reading and once again Happy Birthday Honoka!