Aug. 7, 2019, 10:36 p.m.



CHIKA TAKAMI: The Legend Herself

Back when I first got into Love Live, I was hesitant about Aqours. I was nervous I wouldn't enjoy them as much as I did μ's, and as far as the anime is concerned that did prove to be the case. But Chika is one of the few reasons I will watch the LLSS anime over and over for. Shes beautifully written and her insecurities make her one of the most relatable characters in Love Live overall. Everything about her, from her design to her personality, made me fall absolutely in love.

also her fashion sense is god tier dont @ me

What she Means to me

Chika's high-spirited personality and ability to make friends with nearly everyone she meets is something I really envy, and to be completely honest I would love to be more similar to her. Chika is sensitive to the emotions of those around her, determined and wants nothing more than to bring joy to others and I find that really inspiring. Along with that, I can strongly relate to her bouncing around hobbies and such before settling on becoming a school idol (although I haven't settled on anything quite yet). It's a problem I have a lot of trouble with in real life and it felt so nice to see that represented on screen, no less having the main character and leader of the group struggle like that!

My second LL cosplay (and second feminine cosplay ever) was Chika from Mirai Ticket! The song itself is one of my favorites and I'm a sucker for bowties so


sorry for the poor image quality i have no idea why its so sucky, i tried my best

This outfit, along with me making an attempt to replicate Chika's.. aesthetic(?) (i cut my hair to her length:)) have given me a LOT of confidence in the more feminine aspects of myself and I feel like if she were real we could be good friends. She makes me so insanely happy.

Her Seiyuu


Anchan is incredibly lovely in her own right and her versatile voice and spirit brings a lot to Chika's character. She's PERFECT to be a leader in every sense of the word and her singing, dancing and personality (from what we can see through videos and such) are awesome. Anchan brings life to the stage around her and I would love nothing more than to see her (along with the rest of Aqours but, mostly her) perform live someday.

In Conclusion...

I love Chika Takami and everything she represents- perseverance, hope, and most importantly, the ability to shine. It really is a miracle such a wonderful character exists and I'm very happy I gave Aqours a shot and discovered her. Thank you Chika Takami and happy birthday~

also chika made me realize i am most definitely bisexual


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