Youngster Julia

ive never really tried markdown much until now oops


Favorite μ's girls: -Rin -Honoka -Nico/Kotori

Favorite μ's subunit: -Lilywhite -Bibi -Printemps

Favorite μ's songs: (no real order here) -Aishteru Banzai! -Kururin Miracle -Psychic Fire -COLORFUL VOICE -Sunny Day Song


Favorite Aqours girls: -Chika -Ruby -You/Hanamaru

Favorite Aqours subunit: -CYaRon! -Guilty Kiss -Azalea

Favorite Aqours songs: (no real order here) -Genki Zenkai DAY DAY DAY! -Yume Kataru Yori Yume Utaou -Mirai Ticket -Kinmirai Happy End -WONDERFUL STORIES

Cards First UR: Fairy Rin First SSR: PJ Party Umi Currently saving for: Chika's birthday! :D

i love the girls and their seiyuu so much aa

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