June 21, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

2019 Toujou Nozomi Fan Awards

The winners of 2019 Toujou Nozomi Fan Awards are...

#1 Fan Winner - elected by our panel of judges

Nozodaddy12 (tie)

  • Pizzahutte (Donator): "Cosplay!"
  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "Beautiful cosplay and merch collection, the determination to make so many homemade cosplays for your favorite character is incredibly inspiring! It's very sweet and nice to see how much Nozomi inspired your work!"

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#1 Fan Winner - elected by our panel of judges

SailorBuneary (tie)

  • kimpo (Donator): "The dedication & creativity"
  • Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff): "The cake is simply breath-taking-- completely unique, inspired, and beautiful. The entire entry is overflowing with Nozomi love!"
  • Pizzahutte (Donator): "The freakin cake!"
  • caps (Developer): "the cake, and the collection"
  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "An incredibly well done and astounding cake and a gigantic merch collection that's oozing with passion and love for Nozomi, plus a sweet note of love! A very cute and wowing post~"
  • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Donator): "There was a high bar with all the great entries, but this one stood out in every respect. It takes the literal cake."

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Runner up Fan Winner


  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "It's especially clear they've found a lot of love in Nozomi as a whole, and it's especially touching to see how they've not only related to her but learned from her. Combined with the cute merch collection, adorable little desserts, and the nendo reading tarot fortunes. It's hard not to fall in love with this sweet sentimental post!"
  • Aoi (Artist;Graphic designer;Translator): "Super cute art, and I like how they explain their connection to Nozomi <3"
  • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Donator): "The style and unique color palettes of the art really had me thinking Tojo-San."

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#1 Crowd's Favorite Winner - elected by the community


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Runner up Crowd's Favorite Winner


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Honorable mentions

Congratulations to our winners!

They will receive a prize of their choice among the Nozomi-themed goodies we offer. You can see the list of prizes with pictures in the original awards details post.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! We loved your entries!

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