Feb. 26, 2019, 11:28 p.m.

Aaaahhh this is late and im really bad at talking but, I just wanted to say happy birthday Kanan!! T-T I love you a lot!! aqours

Kanan has helped me a bunch even if that sounds silly... I never expected socially awkward 20 something year old me would go to theatres to see delayed viewings of idol concerts, while waving around light sticks and actually enjoying myself lmao. Really pushed past my comfort zone but had so much fun, and got closer to my friend who introduced Love Live to me.. tickets

Kanan and Aqours also helped me get over my fear of flying... I had never been on a plane my whole life but once my friend and i heard aqours was going to be performing in LA we had to go! (we live in Canada) We have now gone TWICE and had the best time of our lives...

I may not have a huge shrine for her but all the Kanan merch I have and were gifted will be cherished forever T-T ily Kanan hbd