Dec. 23, 2018, 11:21 p.m.

Happy b-day Kanata-chan!


I'm so sad there are so few posts for you...

Kanata has always been one of the N girls I liked the most and I'm so happy to see how far she went. Lately, she started to grow more and more on me and she has overcome Emma and Ai, and maybe even Karin.

Somehow I feel like I'm very in tune with her. Not only because I'm a really terrible sleepy couch potato (haha), but because I feel some aspects of her personality very close to me.

She seems so lazy, but she is deeply passionate when it comes to something she cares a lot, like idol activity or playing with Haruka. It may seem so banal, but I can see myself in this so much - I always do things I don't like at the last minute (if I do them), while when it's time to write you can't stop me, even if it is, like, 2 AM.

Another things that may seem very silly and shallow is that she likes to be praised. Uh, and so? Everyone likes to be praised, isn't it?

I saw so few people admit that they love to be praised. But it's not only that... Kanata wants her sister to praise her. She wants a person she loves with all her heart and she considers the most important in the world to admire her, she wants to be a big sister Haruka can be proud of.

But at the same time, she often acts like a child and Haruka seems the most responsible of the two, despite the fact that she's younger. It makes me think of my brother and me: although I'm older and I can be more "mature" regarding some arguments, he sometimes acts like I'm the one who must grow up and enter the real world and... that's not so wrong. Like Kanata, I can be so childish sometimes, probably because I still can't accept the fact that I'm becoming an adult.

She's a really caring big sister, though, and I would like to resemble her more in this - being a sweet and loving older sister my siblings can rely on.

I love also her relationship with Emma and Shizuku. They seem to get along so well, it's funny how Kanata likes to bother a bit Shizuku just for fun and the younger girl getting her little revenges. Also I already ship Kanata and Emma a little, haha~ I love to imagine Kanata cooking for Emma and trying to discover typical Swiss dishes to surprise her and to make her happy <3 mostly with Shizuku and Haruka's help. I would like to draw something for her, but these day I'm so busy with school and since I'm not really good at it I need too much time ;; I'm not able to do edits either, but I tried a very very simple transparent thing (with... Paint, sigh), but since her hair was too hard it end up being a short-haired Kanata edit. Though I love her fluffy, wavy hair, I'm so weak for short haired girls! I'm pretty sure she would be amazing in any case. ❀❀❀ **Best girl => Best girl**, haha.


Have I ever mentioned that I love her physical appearance too? It's totally perfect for a soft, sleepy girl like her, especially her wavy hair. Also I love how in the SRs her hairstyle looks like sheep's wool (her symbol! Isn't it adorable?)

Oh, I forgot her solo! That's one of my favourites, even if it's not energetic like Karin or Setsuna's ones, because it's so peaceful and it makes me feel so calm and relaxed... also her voice is so, so sweet!

I hope we'll get to know her better and that more people will start to love her as much as I do!

Edit: ugh, I did my best to fix this post but my English is still lacking... please forgive my mistakes >< Also, why Markdown doesn't work properly? T_T