SINGER Start 1304 Sewing machine Review

Singer 1304 sewing machine is a flexible model that can help any beginner and intermediate in completing a difficult project. This best starter sewing machine has a free arm and is quite practical to use while experimenting with creativity.

If you are a beginner then you must need little learning to get started but if you are an experienced one then it doesn’t require much time to get understood.

Quick Threading:

At the exterior of the sewing machine, you will be able to see the diagrams that are easy to follow for the threading process. These instructions are extremely easy to follow even for beginners who are using a sewing machine for the first time. The process will be completed in no time without any fuss.

Built-In Features:

Singer 1304 is the kind of sewing machine that has the potential to deliver strong performance to the user and has come up with built-in features. It has six built-in stitches and for the selection, the knob is present. You can simply rotate the knob and select the stitch you want to use in your stitching. I prefer to use all six stitches from small to medium-range projects.


When it comes to sewing denim, cuffs or collar then you definitely need something extra to handle all this material with simplicity. However, the Singer 1304 is not the best heavy duty sewing machine you can use to tackle heavy material as well. This machine has come up with a removable free-arm that allows you to reach difficult areas of the fabric.

Dual Spoon Pins:

At the time of sewing parallel row stitches, some people look for double needles or some tricks that can help them in bringing a professional look.

This sewing machine has come up with dual spool pins that help you in securing knit garments, hems, and other decorative projects. This feature is an amazing thing to use when you are a beginner and when you love to experiment.


Singer 1304 provides 25 years warranty to the user in case someone wants to claim any kind of damage. Other than this, this sewing machine is also providing a 5-year warranty on the electrical component of this machine. In the last, this sewing machine has come up with a one-year warranty for bulbs and other small parts and machine adjustments too.

Stitching Speed:

The stitching speed of Singer 1304 is quite impressive especially for the beginners kind of projects. It can provide 750 stitches per minute so you don’t have to waste hours in order to complete one project. It can work with 2-3 threads at a time and you will love the satisfaction of the sewing machine.


Singer 1304 has an impressive and efficient performance overall. When you will start sewing, you will love the whole work and how you can use different features according to the nature of the project. This easy to use sewing machine for beginners has everything you were looking for to bring professionalism to your work and to move on to another level.


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