Hiya! My name's Carolina but feel free to call me Carol or carcar. I mainly use tomodachi for card tracking and record keeping now. Aside from SiF, I'm starting to play deresute again and I play bandori/garupa as well so feel free to check out my profiles:



Nozomi is my all time fave! Nico, Yohane, and Ruby I also enjoy a lot. Scouting usually involves me looking for any of those girls, but I mostly want any new Nozomi cards.

But I pretty much love everyone! I try to keep at least one UR of each girl.

I used to have a list of events I've done T2/T1 and various other little achievements, but that gets annoying to update every time. Keep in mind that my EN/WW account is rank 300+, JP rank 200+ (didn't bother with verification), and that I'm too lazy to update the SIS info on my cards.


2 accounts: