EN Goals - Idolize an UR of every girl

  • Own an UR of every girl

  • Save 500 gems: 6/500

  • Have an all UR team for every attribute

  • Own every UR Dia and Eli UR card

  • Achieve rank 200! 217/200 (Complete!!)

  • Solo my best girl in one of my top 3 URs

  • Own an UR of every girl in every attribute

  • Own a full set of either Aqours/U's

  • Own every UR

  • Get an UR pair for all the URs of my best girls

  • Reach 5 followers xD? ..1?

EN Goals In Progress - 6/500

  • 3 Smile UR/7 Cool/5 Pure

  • 2/11 Eli UR..1/5 Dia UR

  • Eli Soloed/Dia..??

  • Initial Christmas Eli/Nozo.. Christmas Pana?

4/5-4/1 (Complete!!)

Eli Ayase:

  1. Pool Eli (Cool)

  2. Wedding Eli (Now in top 3)

  3. Christmas Eli (Smile) - Soloed

  4. Spy Eli (Pure)

Dia Kurosawa:

  1. Job Dia (Smile) (Coupon Scout)

  2. Valentine's Dia (Pure)

  3. Autumn Viewing Dia (Cool)

  4. New Year's Dia (Pure)

I like Anime, Drawing, Writing, Video Games, Love Live SIF, Idolish7 & Occasionally singing SIF songs

My top 3 Anime (TV Shows)

  1. Akame Ga Kill!

  2. Ajin (Demi-Human)

  3. Garo - Vanishing Line

My top 3 Anime (Movies)

  1. Empire Of Corpses (Shisha No Teikoku)

  2. Garden Of Words

  3. Love Live! School Idol Movie

I draw Anime art, Mainly LLSIF girls, but also characters from my stories (OCs) or my favorite Anime. I don't write often, but I like Psychological Horror, Gore, Mystery, and Action. The few games I play on TV are Little Big Planet: 2, 3, and Karting. (LBP) LLSIF wastes my money and my life..

My favorite SIF songs are:

  1. START: DASH!!

  2. Sky Journey

  3. ???

Aside from that, I will be saving gems starting Mar. 7 2018, until Eli Ayase's Birthday. I will be using half the gems I save from the 7th on Eli's birthday, and the rest will be saved for Christmas (2018) Because of all the URs I got Christmas (2017) Currently, I am low on gems, but they will be put to good use later.

I hope to get more smile URs, because I have two (Carnival Umi, & Christmas Eli) I have 7 cool UR, which is good enough for me. I'm satisfied.

I haven't really accomplished anything during events, except for Round 11 (Medley Festival) - Ice skating Dia and Riko where I believe I ended up in T1.. It also might've been: Round 24 (Score Match) - ChikaYou Mother's day cards? It was one of those xP.. (Scoring in T1 wasn't worth it) And now during events I don't use any gems, and I'm trying to break my habit of buying things on SIF. The next event and then on, I will be posting my ranking on SIT. (Reminder: I don't use any gems, so I will rank low) Hopefully people on SIT will begin looking at my account and help with my followers achievements? (My followers achievements will continue to get larger) Plus, if anyone could start to support me or cheer me on to performing full combo on EN SIF songs, that would be great! C: (If I do get supporters, I will be giving shout outs!) Also, playing LL in invert colors is challenging. I can't tell what's happening xD

Scouting Coupon scout was great C: Got demon Nico Jan. 2nd 2018. Thank you Nico for coming home!! (Maybe now that Nico is my partner I'll like her more?)

I guess I should rank my LLSIF girls.. please don't hate me if your best girls are at the bottom of my list! C: (My list will change A LOT)


  1. Eli Ayase

  2. Umi Sonoda

  3. Honoka Kousaka

  4. Maki Nishikino

  5. Rin Hoshizora & Nozomi Toujou

  6. Hanayo Koizumi & Nico Yazawa

  7. Kotori Minami


  1. Dia Kurosawa

  2. Yoshiko Tsushima

  3. Kanan Matsuura

  4. Mari Ohara & Hanamaru Kunikida

  5. Riko Sakurauchi

  6. Chika Takami

  7. You Watanabe

  8. Ruby Kurosawa

My list may change in the future, but some girls may not rank higher :C

LL Sunshine! ruined Kanan, You, Riko, and Chika.. They are TONS better in the game..

I ship:





First UR of 2017 Umi Sonoda (Fruits)

Last UR of 2017 Kotori Minami (Initial)

URs gained total in 2017: 11

First UR of 2018 Nico Yazawa (Demon)

Last UR of 2018 --

URs gained total in 2018: 4

First UR of Rank 200- Carnival Ruby! Thank you Ruby~! I love you!

I'm going to put my face over wedding Honoka (Idolized) so I can marry Eli.

Don't judge me, I just have serious obsessions with idols..

I'm such Eli trash, Trarasho! Dia is my life and love.. Buu Buu Desuwa!

Eli is my Everything.. Dia is my Child.. Umi is my soul.. Maki is my light.. Yoshiko is my Angel.. Kanan is my Mind..

I love my girls!

So, I have 14 URs (10 Idolized) and I think I should share their stories.

Fruits Umi - Gained Feb. 28th 2017 10 + 1 Scout (Cool box, 2nd years)

Carnival Umi - Gained Dec. 25th 2017 Coupon Scout

Pajama Maki - Gained Dec. 25th 2017 10 + 1 Scout (SSR+ box Christmas special)

Halloween Nozomi - Gained ??? Coupon Scout

Christmas Nozomi - Gained Apr. 11th 2017 Coupon Scout (Round 24 SCORE MATCH)

Marine Nozomi - Gained June 2nd 2017 Coupon Scout (Round 11 MEDLEY FESTIVAL)

Demon Nico - Gained Jan. 2nd 2018 Coupon Scout (5:16 PM)

Initial Christmas Eli - Gained ??? Coupon Scout

Christmas Eli- Gained Dec. 24th 2017 Green Ticket (SSR+ box Christmas special) 9:52 PM

Fairytale Hanayo - Gained Feb. 23rd 2018 Coupon Scout (4:14 PM)

Carnival Ruby - Gained Jan. 28th 2018 Coupon Scout (5:40 PM)

Pool Ruby - Gained Feb. 16th 2018 (5:01 PM 10 + 1 scout (1st years step-up, 30 gems)

Christmas Hanamaru - Gained May ??? 2017 10 + 1 scout (Cyber Chika better chance)

Job Kanan - Gained Nov. 27th 2017 SSR+ Ticket (7:47 PM)

Job Dia - Gained Mar. 12th 2018 Coupon Scout (5:48 PM)


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