Until that day...

Comet speaking! I've been Love Live! trash for over a year, and I'm enjoying my stay in idol hell. Best girl is Honoka ;o; Kanan, Dia, and Rin are close seconds!


  • First UR, Fruits Umi!

  • First idolized UR, Fruits Umi!

  • Tricolour URs, Fruits Umi, China Dress Nico, Mermaid Nozomi!

  • First tiered event, the ChikaRiko event!

  • First solo'd UR, Maid Rin!

  • First green ticket UR, Initial You!

  • First best girl UR, Idol Honoka!

  • Level 100 club!

  • Best pull, three SR + 1 UR!

HMU!!! I love making friends, crying over single SR pulls, and having a good time :^)

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(please use they/them pronouns if you do not know me!)


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