Shark APEX Uplight Lift-Away DuoClean Bagless Vacuum Review

Another intriguing Shark appliance is the Shark Uplight APEX bagless vacuum. It’s a hybrid of an upright and a stick vacuum, but Shark has crammed it with features and technology often reserved for their most expensive uprights.

The HEPA filtration, LED lighting, sealed system, DuoClean and Zero-M Technology, and the famous pull away function are all included in the Uplight. When the vacuum is upright, retractable wheels drop out, allowing it to stand on its own.

So, how well does all of this operate in such a little space? Excellent, for the most part, although there are some flaws with the Uplight. Below is our Shark APEX Uplight review.


The Shark APEX Uplight is described as light by some users and as hefty by others. This may appear to be an unusual scenario, but the disparity in views is most likely due to differing expectations.

The device is a hybrid of an upright and a stick vacuum. If you imagine "upright," you are probably thinking of this unit as being quite light. However, if you are thinking "stick vac," you will possibly discover the Uplight to be a bit hefty.

The most common response about the Uplight is that it has a lot of suction power. The amount of dust and debris that the vacuum can pick up surprises and delights most users. Maybe the vacuum's small size encourages consumers to assume it won't be very strong.

However, some people are displeased with the position of the start button. It's at an unusual location, right at the end of the handle, just below where you'd put your palm. We didn't have any issues with it, however a few individuals have mentioned that they may have accidentally hit the button on occasion.


The vacuum weighs 10.7 pounds. For an upright, it's light, but for a stick, it's a little hefty. Because the motor and tank are towards the top of the vacuum, the Uplight is a little top-heavy.

We judged the vacuum's mobility and maneuverability to be mediocre. Its svelte appearance leads you to believe it will be better to push and spin than it actually is. It takes a bit more effort to move it back and forth on rugs than we anticipated, and spinning is not simple or smooth.

Turning the cleaner head takes a little further work than intended, even on tile floors. Some of this might be due to the weight being concentrated so close to the handle, while others could be due to the cleaner head and swivel design.

Self-Standing Wheels

This feature has never been seen before. Many individuals have expressed their desire that their Shark stick vacuum could stand by itself.

On the back of the cleaner head, the Shark APEX Uplight DuoClean contains a collection of foldable wheels. They stretch out to enable the cleaner to stand when it’s positioned in the upright position.

When you lean the vacuum back, the wheels retract. The methodology performs well, and it's convenient to be able to keep the vacuum upright rather than having to gently place it on the ground or rest it against a wall.

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Cleaning Reach

The Shark APEX Uplight Lift-AwayDuoClean contains a 30-foot power cable. This is a good length, particularly for such a little vacuum. We frequently discover that owners dislike power cables less than 30 feet since they don't want to waste time switching electrical outlets when vacuuming.

This vacuum's hose is quite short, and it's actually only meant to be used with the Lift Away function. It is 4.2 feet long, according to Shark standards. Although we were able to extend the hose to that length, it was tough. With this hose, a more comfortable reach is around 3 feet 6 inches.

Lift Away Pod

Some people have complained that the lift away pod is too heavy for them. It weighed 4 pounds 8.7 ounces on our scale.

Because you'll be carrying a portion of the power cable and maybe utilizing a tool while using the Lift Away Pod, a decent round figure for the Lift Away Pod is around 5 pounds.

Disconnecting the pod from the vacuum is simple, but putting it back together takes a little more effort - it's not as simple as the lift away pods on the uprights. However, if you get used to it, you may not find it such a huge issue.

Zero-M Technology

We have a few Shark vacuums with Zero-M Technology, and they all do a decent job of cleaning the brush roll. The method is based on a customized brush roll that prevents hair from winding around the brush roll firmly.

It also includes a comb-like mechanism that pulls the hair out of the brush roll while it's spinning and delivers it to the dust container for dumping.

This technique is effective. It did a decent job on lower quantities of hair in our experiments. It should be mentioned, however, that some people with a lot of pet hair to cope with claim that their brush roll still becomes twisted.

DuoClean Technology

This isn’t such a world famous function, and it can now be found on a lot of Shark vacuum cleaners. A soft roller brush is added towards the front of the cleaner head using this innovation.

As a result, there are two  brush rolls on the cleaner head. The extra soft roller brush helps eliminate stuck-on dust or debris and can grab bigger debris. It also works well on bare floors, which continues to rotate on tough flooring and completely alleviate stuck-on dust or debris.

Two brush rolls may appear to make things hard to push on rugs, but this is not the situation; it may add a bit of extra drag, but not significantly. Other factors are most likely to be responsible for any difficulties transporting this item on rugs.


There are three filters on the Uplight: two pre-motor and one post-motor. By detaching the dust container, you may simply reach the pre-motor filters. A sponge filter and a felt filter are available.

When both are soiled, they may be washed in water. You can then  put them back in the vacuum after they’re totally dry. We noticed that the sponge pre-motor filter became filthy pretty rapidly. As a result, it appears that you will have to clean it regularly.

A HEPA filter lies directly below the dust container after the post motor filter. Don’t worry about how to clean vacuum filters, it is really simple. When the HEPA filter becomes filthy, it may be rinsed with water, although it need not be cleaned very often.

The Shark APEX Uplight corded lift away also includes Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. This indicates that the vacuum body is completely sealed and no unprocessed air may exit. Before being expelled from the device, all of the air coming in the vacuum is purified. Despite having high-quality filters, units lacking this may not generate clean air.

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Dust Container

The dust container may be easily removed and emptied. It is, nevertheless, on the tiny side, with a volume of only 0.68 quarts.


Overall, Shark APEX Uplight vacuum is a good option for your house.


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