Dec. 2, 2018, 12:45 a.m.

Happy Birthday Rina!!

Every since the PDP girls were released, I fell in love with her designs... the little "Rina-chan board" was just too cute! Then, when her card was released on EN SIF, I was overjoyed to get her! I idolized her immediately and put her in my smile team! Now, everytime I hear her "Watashi wa mitte!" my heart melts <3 (she's also a first year so that automatically makes her a best girl in my book)

Also, her idolized card... THE CAT EARS THE CAT EARS THE CAT EARS

Thank you Rina, for being a cutie and always being yourself.

(minus the part we've never seen your face... I bet its just as cute as the board!!)

Here is a drawing I did of Rina on pixilart! Note: I'm still learning

I love you, Rina Tennoji!