Nov. 1, 2018, 5:55 p.m.


I’m pretty sure that almost everyone who knows knows how much I love Eli Ayase, I’ve been on this website for year afterall. I’ve spent over a thousand dollars on my Eli collection over the years and after all this time I’ve managed to collect almost all of Eli’s cards, or at least a large chunk of them.

I haven’t been playing Llsif for a while now because I didn’t have anything storage left on my iPad but I still login from my phone to collect Loveca to save for Eli. This is the result of years of hardwork, lots of live for my waifu and cold hard work. I hope you can feel my love for Eli from this post.

Without further ado, let’s get into the scouting!

Warning, you may have a massive sodium intake after this.

SSR ticket Slg Eli Ssr plus ticket

I bought Eli’s birthday pack and got my second copy of SLG Eli from the SSR ticket!!!

Animal Eli First pull

My first pull wasn’t too bad, I got a new Eli sr and it’s one I really love so I can’t really be mad!

Taisho Eli LIM ELI Baseball Eli Double UR pull

As I’ve said you might be salty from this, or crying like I am right now due to this sheer luck and the beauty of this pull! I can’t believe my wife has heard my cries and came home once again!

Idlz Idlz idlz idlz

I’m so happy to get even more skill slots for my girl!

Here’s my full Eli card collection as of now!

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Here’s my different team!

1 This is my smile team, I love it so much and I have so many cute cards! 2 This is my pure team, with my cute new additions. 3 My cool team with my lims! 4 Here’s my UR team!!! 5 Here’s all my extra SR’s.

Happy birthday Elicchi, I’ve loved you for so many years, I began my original WW account during your ‘Just between us’ event and I fell head over heels for you. I hope you know that my heart beats for you and that you have the best, most spectacular birthday ever!