Oct. 5, 2018, 6:38 p.m.


Let me the start by saying i love Riko so much, shes beautiful, caring and has the voice of an actual angel. Imgur

I love your serious side, Imgur

And how you can be funny at the same time. Imgur

I love your fear of dogs, it just adds to how cute you already are. Imgur

I love how passionate you are about your friends, Aqours ,piano and how you were so reluctant to become an idol but you ended up shining the brightest! Imgur I relate to you so much, how you struggle with low self esteem but nevertheless, you never let that get in the way of your passion for piano, creativity and the love for your friends! You were even the inspiration for my first ever card edit Imgur

Getting my dream UR, your angel UR was a mission and you were so stubborn even after me spending 600 gems, but after a few weeks you came home in a SOLO! Imgur I had never been so happy in my entire life, and i immediately idolized you.

Then when i scouted for your birthday, you blessed me with a 2nd copy of your initial, and i now have 3 tri colour idolized Riko urs! Imgur And if you say you dont think this is the most beautiful thing youve ever seen youre lying to yourself. Although i cursed with never being able to pull your wonderland ur, i couldnt be mad with that.

As soon as i saw your fairy tale ur i knew i had to start saving right away and ive managed to save over 700 gems, the most ive ever saved in sif and i hope you will bless me when i scout for you!!!

I dont have much merch of you, but im hoping to get more and even start on an ita bag very soon! Imgur

Thank you riko for existing and being so beautiful, radiant and adorable. I cant wait to celebrate your birthday again next year! RikoBirthdayGiveaway2018