Oct. 4, 2018, 12:41 p.m.

riko banner (Edits by me.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIKO!! I've been waiting forever to celebrate your birthday. cake

Now I need to let you all know first, Riko hasn't been very generous with me at all in SIF. It took me an entire year to get my first UR, and to this day I still only have two. I spent more time building a collection instead. Hope you enjoy it!

shrine I'm the most proud of my shrine right now! It started especially small, but I'm so happy that I could build one with this much stuff for her.

bag My itabag has gone through frequent changes, but here's what it looks like now. I was thinking of using pink for the backpack, but my friend told me black and white was great for her because it reminded him of the piano.

board I love my board and I've been working hard to build it forever. It used to be full until I transferred things to my itabag.

piano Of course I'd decorate my piano with Riko things. It would seem odd for me not to. My #1 motivation to play piano, right in front of me! The fox New Years Riko print was something I commissioned from Zulidoodles on Facebook/Tumblr.

dolls My two big nesos and an adorable Riko doll (a late birthday gift). These were birthday and Christmas gifts from last year. I love them so much.

dolls2 My little plushies! I figured I'd have quite a few of them, so I bought them a basket to chill in.

towels Some Christmas gifts from last year. My friend was lucky to have won a Riko towel in Japan and gifted it to me! I was so happy!

wall Further room decorations. I bought some cherry blossom stickers to fit the Riko mood. It was hard to find bromides/shikishis with JUST Riko on it, so there's some 2nd years love on my wall! My mom designed me the money lei when I graduated high school this June. I loved how the origami flowers reminded me of cherry blossoms, Riko's flower!

wall2 Another side of my wall, where I have a Wonderland Riko (still hasn't come home, after spending 350 gems on her in that box. ;-;) and a Miracle Wave Riko file!

deskpart Here's a small section of my desk. It's a makeup box, but I just put random things in there. Heavily decorated with Riko things!! And wonderful drawings from my two friends that I put on there!

cards If I can't get her cards in SIF, this is my go-to!! I have more, but this is all I can fit in the picture. :>

League club

My League of Legends name has been like this for a year now! I am also the owner of this Riko club in League, with the tag *Riko on NA.

commission doodle An Angel Riko that I commissioned by NuriMuniBuni on Twitter! Plus an extra chibi Riko doodle! commission2 I commissioned a ChikaRiko League of Legends crossover. My favorite champion is Katarina and my boyfriend's favorite champion is Zilean, his best girl is also Chika. The artist is Nemugyo on Facebook!

ChikaRiko Dandelions Figure PlushFlowers Keychain flowers Figure2 Here's some of my extra photography as well, including my photo of Riko for the Petite Idol Summer entry!

Clay My brother also made me a clay charm of Riko. She's so cute!!

Miracle Riko, you're really a blessing! Although, you've been very stubborn when I try saving for you. As much as I'd love to show my pulls for her EN birthday box, I ended up with a dupe UR and others. :( AngelPopup feeding letter beanidol I'm so proud of you, Riko. You were reluctant to be an idol, and just look how bright you shine...

ChikaRikoocean You were there for Chika at her worst and you've loved Aqours with all your heart! Happy birthday, Riko. Here's to another beautiful year with you. RikoBirthdayGiveaway2018

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