Oct. 10, 2018, 1:45 a.m.


22/9/2018 Edit

I realized a lot of people scrolled by the post and didn't play the game or watch the video, which I understand. I would, however, like if if people saw the image gallery I included at the end of the game, so I'll post a few of the pics here too.

Here's my Riko itabag and merch. I only got the itabag recently so I still want to get some more stuff in there. I love the big neso though, she's super soft and I take her with me whenever I travel.

Guilty Kiss is my favorite subunit so I have their nesos and discs, plus some cute stuff I bought at the artist alley at a con.

I love YohaRiko, and I like to put them in fun scenarios for pictures. Here's them playing a game of Magic!

And here's the obligatory "Aqours" in the sand, with smol neso riko in the corner.

If you want to see the whole gallery, you need to check the game out!

2/10/2018 Edit

So I traveled to Boston recently and took some photos with my Riko nesos there. I thought I'd tack them in here cuz why not.

Riko in the plane, a long flight ahead!

She sipp. This was really good too, big shame we don't have Red Mango here.

We went to Guitar Center! Riko was super happy to see all these keyboards!

A highlight of my trip for sure. Hotel room service left her like this when I came back. I don't think they understand how a nesoberi works but I absolutely appreciate the effort.