Aug. 27, 2018, 11:34 p.m.


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  • Linda: I guess I’m sort of biased because of all the art, but it’s so beautiful! Truly, all their drawings of Nico made me really happy, not only did it show their love for Nico, but it showed how much they changed overtime when it came to drawing.
  • princesskris: Lots of development, dedication to best girl is strong.
  • Mikasaki: This person has done so much art for Nico and it looks gorgeous <3 They obviously put a lot of effort into this post and clearly love our dear Nico!
  • Niyomu: I loved all the art shown that they had done through the years, it really shows how they love Nico just by the drawings, and even more with the work that had gone into the drawings! I also liked the paragraphs they wrote, it really expresses more of that love!

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