July 20, 2018, 7:02 p.m.


wow ! it's friday the 13th and the birthday of my darling yohane. now i will try and express how much i love her in the shortest way i can, but sorry this still may be a bit long.

i joined the world of love live right when muse retired... so aqours was pretty new ! before they were added to the game and before i watched the anime, i loved chika. then after playing the game and watching the anime, i decided you was my best girl.

but something about that yoshiko really stuck with me !! she was unique and weird has bad luck like me ! she was tied with you as best girl until valentines yohane came out. i loved the card so much i chose that moment to devote myself to yohane and ive loved her even more ever since.

since falling in love with her i'll have you know i cried when i first heard her landing action yeah solo version, and when in this unstable world came out, of course i cried again ! her voice is perfect, whether she shows her angel side or her fallen angel side.

now most people know me as the YOHATNE girl !!!

i show my love for her my dressing up my lil neso in paper hats! to celebrate her birthday i made a new one: wonderland set hat !

every hat i make is more complex than the last. here is yohane in her first hat (a birthday crown i made one year ago today!) and all her others:

i also have an ita bag for her! heres my full collection featuring my bag, my figure, my neso, and my favorite hats:

not only do i love yohane but i also love aikyan ! i printed out pictures and made a devotional wall at school last year. it features aikyan, guilty kiss, and my favorite group shots of aqours. they made me feel better before i went to bed every night. i made a cute yohane themed garland around it as well !

this post is getting long now isnt it... well here is the last thing i have to offer ! my newest drawing of yohane in the rock outfit (sadly i didnt get the card)

LINK TO IMAGE POST: click here!!