July 11, 2018, 6:30 a.m.

Hello everyone! This is for my favorite girl in the world, Mari. I know it’s late, but I wanted to join all my fellow Mari lovers because you are all my true people haha!

I’ve been in love with idols for a long time and of course like most of you, I love µ's. But I never thought I would love Aqours as much. Boy, was I wrong… especially with Mari.

Mari, I don’t know what exactly it is about you that I love. I can’t even pinpoint when it started, but you are my world. Your look, your personality, YOUR VOICE. My anime and seiyuu levels don’t really ever match except with you and Ainya. I’m so crazy about both of you. Ainya’s voice makes you the wonderful, beautiful, loving girl that you are and I can never appreciate her enough for that.

You’re so strong and even when times are rough you tough it out for your friends. BUT at the same time, you let your friends take care of you when you need it. Really you just know how to be you. When to be serious, funny, helpful, encouraging, a leader, a friend. We’re all so lucky to have you. I’M lucky to have you. You’ve made things so much more shiny in my life ever since you locked on to my heart. C’:


Mari and Ainya

Here’s a picture I drew for Mari and Ainya for the fan letter project we’re doing for LOVELIVE! SUNSHINE!! Aqours World Love Live! in LA ~Beyond the Pacific~! The deadline happened to be the week of her birthday, so it was perfect timing/motivation!


P.S. When trying to choose my favorite card, I imagine which outfit I’d rather see her in if we went on a date. These two are my favorite and I go back and forth all the time! I’m a sad, pathetic girl, but you’re going to be loved by me anyways, Mari!

Queen Mari Mari the waifu